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One Hole Male Canine

One Hole Male Canine

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One Hole Male Canine. This bad boy comes with a magnificent set of squishy, pendulous balls that are sure to be a highlight of your collection. Features high detailed over all with plenty of attention to wrinkles, skin folds, fur, and of course the BALLS. Overall we are very pleased with how well the project came together and hope you really appreciate our first anatomically male masturbator.

Base purchase comes with your choice of body color, internal texture, and one suction plug.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cyrus Gate
Perfect "doggy style" toy

Amazing product with a style unlike any other on the internet! Perfect look and feel with many color options.

Medium size insert, light gray body, white fur highlight, and cotton candy pink hole.

10/10 Toy!

What can I say..? My girlfriend and I love it - the texture, the sound, the depth, the color, the detail! Wonderfully squishy balls and a plump fuckable hole, what more can you possibly ask for? We are so happy with the toy and are absolutely buying more ~

Nathan Connolly
Unique one of a kind toy

The balls really do make this toy.

I don't really have a title, but here goes

This is a very innovative idea especially for gay themed toys and I can't tell you how much I love the male features. It's wonderful feeling these features when using the toy and great to fondle (among other things). Possibly my favorite penetrable.

Fan of Fluff
Amazing toy!

Really surprised at how nice the balls feel. Squishy and very slappy when going hard. The hole is also a really nice feel, definitely a solid pick.