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Suction Plugs

Suction Plugs

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These plugs are designed to fit into the backs of our masturbator toys to provide suction and enhance the user experience.

They can currently be used with the following toys:

Two Hole Dragon

Two Hole Cheval

Two Hole Canine

Two Hole Deer

Your purchase includes one matching set of two plugs in your choice of color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kainan Conderman

They showed up and were the right color, so thumbs up here!

Shuenn Yang
The missing piece

Honestly a good investment, suction is nice and keeps the lube inside the toy without leaking from the other end

Amazing Utility!

These suction plugs work great. Definitely worth picking up some, and are handy to have.

The dumbbell shaped design stays seated well and doesn't pop out. They let air out when inserting, and create a seal when pulling out, creating amazingly intense suction.

They can be a little noisy if lube works it way out the other end, but that's to be expected. Relatively easy to pop out wipe off and put back in.

I have used them in other silicone toys as well with great success. Only worry I have is using them with TPE toys could present issues with extended use. So I rarely do, but they work great for that as well.

Shane Thomas

The suction plugs are amazing, and they are compatible with quite a few different sleeves/masturbators. I am currently using them with a Doc Johnson sleeve, a Bad Dragon 'Leilani' and the American Meat Canine toy.

They are useful for stopping me from making a mess, haha - so they give me peace of mind! But they also increase the tightness of any toy, making the textures more pronounced and intense. I bought quite a few because they do actually break eventually (snap in half).

Lyrsen Fenrir
Really nice addition

I agree with the other reviews, suction plugs are a very nice addition to the experience!