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Two Hole Cheval Toy

Two Hole Cheval Toy

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You'll Fit In Here

Two Hole Cheval Sex Toy, highly detailed and expertly hand crafted. I really love this sculpture both for its background and its obviously highly detailed appearance. This was a lesson in humility for me and was commissioned by a customer, for whom it is named. We spent months back and forth communicating and making adjustments until it was the model they had in their mind's eye. I had initially suggested and sculpted a more curved appearance, but they requested a more straight-forward version and it was adjusted despite my preferences. And for that I'm immensely glad I went with their direction because it has gone on to become our best seller.

Purchase includes the following.

1. Your choice of vaginal and anal inserts.
2. Your choice of external coloration.
3. One set of suction plugs that fit into the back to enhance sensation when in use.

To select additional colors and add-ons, like anal ring or internal color, please select the appropriate options in the fields provided.

Thank you and feel free to reach out with any question you may have.

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Customer Reviews

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samuel bronckart

Two Hole Cheval Toy


Just wanted to say well worth the money.
Quality material, color , and texture
Highly recommend , to fulfill your desires

As good as it gets.

I'm not sure if this thing feels like the real deal or not, but it's plushy, and accommodating to men like me with more "horse-like" proportions if you catch my drift. It is a little bulky for storage purposes, but like I said, it's accommodating so not a problem. So even if someone isn't a furry or a zoophile, the fact it will literally suck the everliving soul out of your body should be enough to consider purchasing one for yourself. Worth the money for sure, and easy to clean and maintain which is a bonus.

2 hole cheval simpley AWSOME!!

This toy is simply the best on the market, the feel is just exquisite, it's just as close to the real thing as your going to get, and at a fair price. Well worth the money. I also have two others and enjoy them all !!!

Douglas Hill

Two Hole Cheval Toy